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.e.a.l., nicholas checque in danger of injured or killed or transported to pakistan. they put together a rescue mission that took off somewhere around midnight on saturday night. sunday night afghanistan time. and when they flew in to the area, they encountered heavy enemy fire from the taliban. the u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s responded. they killed seven of the taliban and in the heat of that battle, were able to locate and rescue dr. joseph. but in that battle, it was first class petty officer navy s.e.a.l. nicholas checque struck by a single bullet and later died of that wound. >> mick, thank you for the defail d details of that raid. >>> the supreme court's decision to take up cases on same-sex marriage, an adviser said it could force the white house's hand on this issue sooner than planned. >>> even after controversy over his anti-american lyrics, what he said just before performing at christmas in washington, we'll let you know. >>> lauren wanted to introduce the korean cabbage dish kim chi to america. she created mother-in-law's kimchi. using nonethnic packaging to appeal to a mass market and ca
and petty officer first class nicholas checque was involved in that mission, and lost his life in that mission. good morning america has more details. >> the team moved in by helicopter in darkness when it became clear that dr. joseph was in immanent danger or may be moved to afghanistan. they tracked the american in the mountains of eastern afghanistan where they had hidden joseph among some small huts. a fire fight broke out as soon as the special forces team arrived. several of the taliban captures were killed, but that is when the navy seal was believed to be hit as well. wounds that later proved fatal. >> cenk: now we've got lizzie moran with us. a former c.i.a. officer and author of "blowing my cover my life as a spy." i want to ask you about this operation. it's tragic, of course, that one of our guys lost his life, but i think that we should have more operations like this. i think that it's much more justifiable when we bring guys down on the ground, and instead of killing discriminately we target and in this case there was a hostage we needed to get out. how often do m
ts navy seal. he was killed during the rescue mission in afghanistan. his name is nicholas checque only 28 years old. he was part of navy seal 6. during the raid in afghanistan he moved quickly to a hut where doctor joseph was being held hostage. joseph was rescued but the young navy seal later died from those injuries. >>> a former general confirming the world's worst fear. major general cee-lo says he has no doubt that president assad will use chemical weapons as he tries to cling to power and crush the up rising that started a few years ago. the main chemicals are arsenal mustard and syran gas. they are trying to end assad's regime. >>> a man used the money to support pensions money to support the company. it is not clear how much money way workers were affected. hostess shut down last month after the baker's union went on strike. they called the solution terrible but it is not illegal because the money didn't come directly from the employees. >>> let's have fun now. are you ready for some country this morning? >> a big night for country music as the american country music award
returned to his family right here in the united states. his name, nicholas checque. he was just 28 years old, and he died -- he was killed in action during a daring mission that freed an american doctor who was kidnapped by the taliban. kelly wright is live in washington with more on the story of this hero. tell us a little bit more about what we're learning. >> well, we're learning that this was a very value i can't young man. the body of petty officer first class nicholas checque returned to the united states late last night. a navy official says his family is currently making arrangements for private funeral services. he grew up in monroeville, pennsylvania, that's a suburb of pittsburgh. he joined the navy in 2002 and became a member of the naval special warfare unit, better known as seal team six. that was the team that killed usama bin laden, although he was not a part of that particular mission. the operation that he was involved in was the daring rescue of dr. dilip joseph, an american killed by the taliban, and during the combat mission nicholas checque was killed. the family of
on local news. a story in pennsylvania's "tribune review." people who knew fallen s.e.a.l. nicholas checque are sharing their memories. a former neighbor says it was nick's name to be a navy s.e.a.l. all through high school and his mother and sister were so proud. a former schoolmate and wrestling teammate can remember checque wanting to be a s.e.a.l. since seventh grade and endured epic workouts to become a s.e.a.l. >> he died a hero. but so sad. >>> a record setting settlement reached between hsbc over allegations it handled money tied to drug gangs and terrorists. new york's largest lender agreed to pay $1.92 billion to settle the money laundering investigation in the united states. hsbc accused of helping transfer billions formations like iran doing businesses with firms linked to terrorism and enabling mechanical drug cartels to move money legally through u.s. subsidiaries. for a look at top stories, head to our blog, cnn.com/early ks sta start. and look for us on facebook. >> we'll make it worth your while, we promise. >> i'm going on to see what you have. >>> not on the road yet, but
over the weekend. petty officer first class nicholas checque . was killed during the successful rescue of dilip joseph. joseph was kidnapped last wednesday, while working in the country as a doctor for a relief organization. intelligence showed that joseph was in serious danger, so seal team six. the same team that stormed bin laden's compound. went in for the rescue. checque lost his life in the firefight which ensued after >> attorney's for the florida man charged with shooting trayvon martin are expected to ask a judge to end george zimmerman's 24-hour g-p-s monitoring. zimmerman has is expected to hear at least eight new motions in the case today. zimmerman, who claims he shot the teen in self-defense, is set to go on trail in june. >> authorities in michigan are bracing for an onslaught of demonstrators today, as the state leaders vote on "right-to-work" legislation. if it is passed, michigan would become the 24th "right-to-work" state, banning requirements that non-union employees pay unions for negotiating contracts and other service. michigan governor rick snyder has pledged to
.e.a.l. killed while helping to rescue a doctor in afghanistan. nicholas checque had been a s.e.a.l. for most of the past decade. people in his hometown in pennsylvania said checque dreamed of being a s.e.a.l., entering the navy right out of high school. >>> and in florida, a woman has been convicted of killing a man who won the lottery so she could steal his money. a judge in tampa called dee dee moore cold and swindling before killing abraham shakespeare. >>> two, major headlines returning your taxpayer money. the government is selling off its remaining stake in aig, the insurance company that got the biggest bailout in the financial crisis. a slight profit is expected. >>> and hsbc is expected to pay the government $1.9 million to settle accusations that the bank helped launder money for mexican drug cartels and for officials in iran. >>> and take a look at this. massive fireball that you'll see there, streaking across the sky over houston. unfortunately, it was not a ufo. simply a meteor that people saw before dawn, driving. very unfortunate. it was so bright, a camera caught it 500 miles
. nicholas checque was just 28 years old, but for the much of the last decade he had been part of navy s.e.a.l. team 6. the decision to rescue dr. joseph came from the top commander. >> the race was on. they knew if they couldn't get him before he was taken to the pakistan that it would be almost impossible to rescue him. >> dr. joseph's family issued a statement last night, extending their deepest condolences and gratitude to all those involved in that mission. >>> we reported earlier, abc news did, that he was part of that elite s.e.a.l. team 6, which was responsible for the killing of osama bin laden. we don't know if he was on that particular mission, but he was a part of that unit. >> and, obviously, it reminds us of the legendary work done by that team, but these guys are still human. no one is invincible. they do incredibly important but still dangerous work. and this guy, young guy too, lost his life for certainly a noble cause to rescue one of our own. it just underscores what a dangerous mission those guys sometimes have. not all the endings are as happy and as death free unfor
. no patients were on board. a hero who died saving a american doctor from the taliban. nicholas checque. he was part of field team 6. same unit that killed bin laden. he moved in quickly to a group of huts where the doctor was held hostage. the doctor joseph was rescued but the young navy seal took a bullet on to the head and died from his injuries. it is it the largest fine paid by a bank. hsbc agreed to pay 1.89 billion to settle a money laundering case. it is for nations like iran and enabled mexican drug cartels to move money loolly through the american subsidaries. are you ready for some country? ♪ ♪ wrecked my heart. ♪ i should never let go. ♪ the one that good away. >> gretchen: the american country award kicked off in vegas. luke bryant took home nine awards including artist of the year. >> country music. we get to do what we love and for people who are honest and hard working and beautiful people thoo support great music. >> he went on to do the right thing thanking his wife and band and all of the fans and those are your headlines. >> steve: very nice. michigan is poised l
that nicholas checque was killed rescuing an american. front page "new york times" we have to get out of there. >> the thing is, we've been saying it since 2009 when they were talking about tripling the number of troops. it doesn't work in afghanistan. we went from an anti-terror campaign to antisurgeoncy campaign. "the times" reports more violence before this surge where we sent more americans to die or be wounded or kept away from their families. >> yet another reason that there is no point. but at some point, we have to consider -- >> the thing is, what do you do? what do you do when we've been saying for three years because the people we interviewed for three years. you can look into their eyes and these policymakers had no idea what we were doing in afghanistan other than making sure that this president and this congress wasn't responsible for, "losing the war." steve ratner, one out of 23, are we real really going to get out in a year? >> one opportunity is to get out in a year and turn it back to them. >> i think we should get out sooner. i'm just saying, we heard this story before. >>
first class, nicholas check died in a daring mission that freed an american doctor kidnapped by the afghanistan. kelly wright live on the story for us. what else are he learning about petty officer, checque. >> he grew up in monroeville, pennsylvania. a suburb of pitsburg. he game naval warfare unit, seal team six. that was the team that killed usama bin laden although he was not part of this particular mission. the operation i last involved in was the daring rescue mission of dr. dilip joseph an american kidnapped by the taliban. during the combat mission, checque was killed. he was 28 years old. the family of dr. joseph issued a statement. we want to extend our deepest condolences to the family of the american sailor who died during dilip's rescue. we could not be more grateful for his herroism and to bring bdilip home. he was sad to luring learn that a u.s. service member was killed during this operation. martha. martha: kelly, i want to ask you a little bit more about dr. joseph. what was he doing in afghanistan when he was abducted by the taliban? >> reporter: dr. joseph
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)

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